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What We Do


Gear - Northern California’s first stop for all things video production. We begin by offering the best cameras at the best prices. Arri Amira, Sony F55, FS7, F3, Canon C300, Canon 5d Mark III, Sony EX-3 and more. We also offer Zeiss, Canon and Schneider optics and top-shelf monitoring equipment from Sony, Panasonic, TV Logic, Flanders Scientific and Leader. In addition we supply lighting and grip packages.


Crew - With Clean Slate's extensive network of contacts we can also help staff your job. Need a killer Director of Photography, Gaffer, Tech or a PA? We can help you find the right person for the job. Just like our equipment all of our people are field tested and of the highest quality.


Equipment can be rented individually, in a pre-configured package or however you would like it.


ENG Package  (News Gathering)

Includes camera with lens, camera power (AC and Batteries), tripod, monitor and cables.


EFP Package (Field Production)

Includes camera with lens, camera power (AC and Batteries), tripod, 2 monitors, waveform/vectorscope, paintbox (depending on the camera) and cables.


If you don't see it on our website call in to ask for availability. New items are always being added to the shop.


Please download our Rate Card for more details.

Who We Are

Eli Adler, Owner/Operator

Clean Slate Owner, Eli Adler, is an award-winning cinematographer and avid tech junky. Having received a degree in Film and Television from Montana State University in 1980 he honed his editing skills by cutting sales and marketing films. During that time he found himself behind the camera on many of those projects and discovered that shooting was where his true passion lay. Taking with him an editor's eye, Eli began what would become an exciting and well-honored career as a Director of Photography.

Eli has gone on to shoot some incredible assignments include shooting Jazz in Cuba, the Pyramids of Egypt, wildlife on the Zambeze River in Zimbabwe, a children’s peace group in Moscow, a remote dive resort 500 miles off the shore of South Sulewesi, the rice fields of Bali, and the headhunting tribes of Papua New Guinea as well as some of the most beautiful and remote spots in America. Eli’s skill behind the camera makes him just as happy training the lens on Bengal tigers in India, a salt caravan in the Sahara Desert or the latest technological achievement from the Silicon Valley.


Eli founded Clean Slate Video in 1981 to incorporate his passion for shooting with his taste for cutting edge video technology. This love of tech has led Eli to want to share his expertise by providing the highest quality gear to his customers. As such, all Clean Slate tech has been field proven and receives the “Adler” seal of approval.

Eli’s honors include two Cine Golden Eagles, a few Tellys, a couple Joeys, and two National Emmy Awards among others.  Visit Eli's website at to see what he's been up to lately.

Cody Flowers, Rental Manager

Cody Flowers​ works as an assistant camera and camera operator in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started working in the film business as a grip/electric in 2009, but soon discovered that he loved being behind the camera. In 2015 he graduated from Expression College for the Digital Arts with a Bachelors in Digital Film. He started his freelance career as a Camera Assistant and Operator working on music videos, documentaries, commercials and television. In 2018 he joined Clean Slate, where he is in charge of rentals and equipment. Cody loves working with  new and exciting cameras as well as collecting vintage cameras and lenses.

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