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Experiencing "Zoom Fatigue"?

Check out our new Webcam on Steroids

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Stand apart from your competition with crystal clear video and high-quality audio by using Clean Slate Video’s Remote Video Production Package (aka "Webcam on Steroids").  It contains all you need to add a new dimension to the typical uninspired, low resolution video image that we’ve grown accustomed to. 

Your subjects will be razor sharp while your backgrounds will have shallow depth of field, yielding a cinematic look while blurring objects like book titles and photographs that may appear behind you.
Each kit includes a 4K mirrorless DSLR, fixed focal length/auto focus lens, shotgun microphone, a small bi-color dimmable light, small tripod, HDMI/USB converter to feed your WebEx, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team  and other video meeting platforms.  You can even record 4K video to the camera's SD card for later editing.

There is no substitute for a crew with professional equipment.  Clean Slate Video adheres to strict Covid-19 safety guidelines and is happy to shoot for you on site or on location.  If this remains impossible due to safety concerns or corporate edict, Webcam on Steroids is the next best alternative.

Go From Blah...


To Aah!...

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Use Webcam on Steroids for:

  • Company-wide announcements

  • C-Suite presentations

  • Customer testimonials

  • Corporate videos


Each kit will arrive completely sanitized and can be delivered to your location in the Bay Area or shipped overnight anywhere in the United States.  Clear and concise set-up instructions will be included, as well as telephone or video meeting support as needed.

Contact us to find out how "Webcam on Steroids" can help you!

Clean Slate Video | | 415.485.0727

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